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Small Cap Analyst warns of “retirement savings crisis
90% of the next decade of retirees will be destitute unless they act now

It’s a fact confirmed recently in a study by Sanlam. Sixty percent of all pensioners don’t have enough money to live on today. And it gets worse, the rate at which people are saving today, means 90% will be living on the breadline at retirement unless they take specific action today, says Francois Joubert, small cap analyst in his latest Retirement Report.

The graph below shows what the average South African will need to have invested from today if they want to retire at 65 and receive a monthly sum of R20,000 in today’s money.

Government, financial institutions and advisers have no solution to the Pre-retiree Savings crisis

Joubert however has pioneered a whole new science when it comes to retirement and savings. His retirement formula has yielded returns of 28.2% over the last 17 years. And in his latest report he shows how it provides the perfect solution to the Retirement Savings crisis. You see, most people believe that if they are invested in blue chip stocks, they’ve got their retirement covered. Joubert’s report shows that in fact the opposite is the case.



You won’t even get halfway to retirement in the next fifteen years if you stick to the JSE’s average returns – what you’ll get is a typical unit trust performance.

In Joubert’s analysis, he took the average return from the JSE All Share Index since 1 January 2002.

It comes to an average of around 15% a year.

That’s a great return he says.

But you’ll need more, a lot more.

So, what do you need if you want to get to retirement quicker? Sign Up today to read Francois Joubert’s Retirement Report to find out.


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